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We have plenty going on as we continue construction and welcome new tenants, and in the future we hope to be a home of many vibrant events! Check back regularly to see what's happening in the news, who's becoming part of the family, and what we're planning next. 


Return of the Punk Rock Flea Market

The Generator kicked off the start of May with the five year anniversary and in-person return of the Punk Rock Flea Market, a weekend-long celebration of art, fun, and individuality. Alongside food trucks, local bands, and a car smash, they also hosted kid's balance bikes, drag queen story hour, and the Pineapple Pedicap Punk Rock Power Hour. 

Actor Jeremy Renner begins filming at The Oddie District

Actor and Northern-Nevada local Jeremy Renner, known for The Hurt Locker and The Avengers, has a new project: renovating old service vehicles for new community needs. The Disney+ produced show, Rennervations, needed a large space in the Reno area for filming, and The Generator's new home ended up being a perfect fit.

Generator Store Heart

Show some love for The Generator and check out the merchandise at their front counter. Have a project in mind? Why not look into a membership while you're there!

Former Lowes to be Remodeled into 'Innovation Hub'

Check out this morning news coverage from KOLO, featuring a video overview of the project, and a brief accompanying article. 

Generator Opening Lounge

Come swing by The Generator's lounge, check out some of the art, and see what's going on!


The Generator
A Cornerstone of the Oddie District

When Foothill Partners president Doug Wiele heard that The Generator, the Burning Man related makerspace, the largest makerspace in Reno, was losing its lease, Foothill developed a plan to create a new project built around them – a permanent home where The Generator could not only continue its art and community projects, but also expand them. We're honored and delighted to have The Generator be a part of the cultural foundation of The Oddie District.

Coalition Snow

Women-Owned and Operated Ski/Snowboard company Coalition Snow sets up at The Generator's April Showers Open House

Truckee Meadows Community College
A New Performance Space

Part of our space will be a new black box theater, that seats 150 audience members, for use by Truckee Meadows Community College. Not only will this give them additional space and flexibility for performances, but it will also be part of their new emphasis in backstage theater tech. We hope that they will be able to synergize with the artistic community here to create great things.

Innovation Collective
Room to Work and Grow

Over 12,000 square feet of The Oddie District will be devoted to collaborative office space, developed with the help of Innovation Collective. This space will also serve as a hub for many of their community programs, such as Coffee & Concepts, where local community members gather to discuss new technology, share product ideas, and develop local connections.

A New Development Vision in Sparks: Creating Expansion without more Land

Over the last decade, the population of the Reno/Sparks area has boomed, and it's not stopping. But much of the area is surrounded by federal land, and thus unavailable for expansion. So Sparks mayor Ed Lawson has a plan to build up, instead of out. The Oddie Corridor, where our project is located, is a central part of this vision. There are hopes that this region will develop its own vibrancy and life that honor its Hispanic population, reminiscent of Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

Generator Opening Flower Decor

Working with so many art groups means there's never a shortage of fun décor around the building.

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